About Us

Historically, there are huge disparities between PWIs and HBCUs and this includes NIL opportunities and education. Universities and athletic departments are restricted from providing student athletes with direct assistance with NIL and many institutions, particularly HBCUs, do not have the resources, staff, or bandwidth to provide the necessary support.

Seeing a need to help HBCU student athletes, Rise HBCU was born.

While we help HBCU athletes with personal branding, endorsement deals, professional development and more, we wanted to offer another way for them to earn revenue as well as Rise HBCU create apparel and explore fashion through the eyes of HBCU alumni that champion HBCU athletes.

Our apparel helps to support and promote HBCU athletes, but also, is used to address inequalities in intercollegiate sports and vocalize what's important to us which always goes back to highlighting and amplifying HBCUs.